Types of Exercise For Little Ones

It has long been recognized that children of any age need exercise. This is even true for the toddlers that always seem to be on the go. What more parents are now paying attention to is the type of exercise that their little ones need. Normal daily activity may not be providing the variety that they require.

Aerobic Exercising

Children need to keep their heart strong just like adults to. Aerobic exercise helps to do this as well as enhances the performance of their lungs which is important during their growing stage. Fast-paced activities will help provide this type of exercise. The kids are normally pretty good at doing this as running and jogging and skipping is a prime example of it.

Strengthening the Muscles

It is important for kids to do activities that are going to help to strengthen their muscles during their growing stage. They can do this in natural settings such as when they are climbing rocks and trees.

Strengthening the Bones

Encouraging the kids to get outdoors and to do some activities such as gymnastics or some ball throwing, is a great way to ensure that they are getting exercise for bone strengthening.


Stretching is also an important part of the exercise that you want your kids to have. It helps to create flexibility in the muscular system. Ideal exercise regimes for this is getting the kids to participate in some form of gymnastics. You can even to put on some catchy music and get them dancing.

The children of today tend to spend more time indoors watching television and playing video games then being outdoors where they are sure to get all of the exercise that they need. They may need some extra encouragement to get more active. One of the best ways to do this is for you as an adult to participate in some activities with them.

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