How Important is Exercise for the Pre-Schoolers?

It is common knowledge that exercise is important for any human being. It doesn’t matter what their age or gender. Adults are responsible for making sure that they are keeping themselves fit. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that the same thing is happening with their children.

Children that are of school age often are involved in a variety of different types of activities at school which provides enough exercise for them. At one time it used to be generally thought that preschoolers because they were so active and on the go were getting enough exercise, and no particular emphasis needed to be placed on this.

We now live in a world of modern technology which is spilling over into all age groups including the preschoolers. Many of the activities that they are now involved in creates an atmosphere where they are stationary.

A lot of toys are built with electronics and do all the work for kids, so there is very little movement on their part. Then, even the preschoolers are now involved in the video games and of course ongoing television watching. Not to mention that many preschoolers now have their very own computers.

While all of this technology certainly has its benefits, it can be detrimental to the physical health of the preschoolers who are becoming too used to playing with it. It doesn’t create any active movements.

There is no doubt that it is critically important for the preschooler to be physically active so they can develop both physically and mentally. One of the major concerns that is not becoming prominent is childhood obesity and this can start to manifest in the preschool years.

Exercise is important on many different levels. It helps to build the youngsters self esteem as they accomplish different movements throughout their exercising. Plus, it helps to develop their coordination. When participating with others it helps to develop their socializing skills.

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